In Front Of The Camera

My hands were still shaking a few minutes after a production on STN Studio. My shoulders were heavier than when I wrote the over a hundred paged novel in 2017. I could barely hole a pen and write from the tension and inexperience with which I had to do what I had to do in the studio but words were brewing in me for space and attention. I write under every circumstance. Yes, I’m able to do that but sometimes not literally…in my memory. I wish I could say that about a lot of things too other writing. It’s been almost two years and never did the writing journey ever get easy, it only gets possible.

Yh i’m the skinny dark girl who looked empty in the red sofa and so had to switch to the office chair of my manager…lol. but AB i finnaly see your eyes.

I had to do something very difficult for me than writing is; standing in front of the camera. I totally sucked at it. Don’t be surprised if you hear it somewhere or from someone. That is the same thing I said about poetry less than four months ago and I now have over fourteen sentimental pieces of them. I’m more of a behind the scene person. Nothing comes between my laptop and I, nothing not even my BF (my manager will say,“eii m’anka, ɛna ɛda hɔ no”) because I don’t have one. I have learnt though the hard way that being in front of the camera isn’t just for me. Not just literally but also figuratively; meaning that I wouldn’t dare doing anything that would attract attention to my face without an interface (my laptop). Anytime I don’t use an interface I stain myself with painful scars and the same thing happened yesterday. I knew I was bad but I didn’t know that I was that bad. For a moment I got disappointed in myself and began to feel like I was being a nuisance to the camera handler because she had to stand for hours saying, “Rolling, rolling, rolling,” and obey the commands of the director whom I felt was so perfect at her job. I wish I didn’t have to be so shy and not confident about almost everything. I just remembered that I’m pretty confident with food…lol.

Yesterday on campus, a mate who wasn’t at the studio and wasn’t aware about what had happened stated that the person behind the write up and the person he sees are two different people. It broke my heart but it’s true. Truth hurts. The person behind the write ups (Aba Radical) is different from the person you see on campus (Mercy Aba Blankson) in terms of persona. My mate statement is true in terms of personality but if it had to do with the mind then they are the same people because I remember Mawutor saying that when I finally decide to speak, because I don’t speak much, I speak radically.

The reality is that you cannot hide behind the laptop forever,” my manager said. I hated the sound of it but I knew he was telling the truth. I literally yelled when he also confessed that he mentioned my name anytime he entered any of the fresher’s classes to advertise about The Workshops Akpasa Media Network Will Be Organizing This Semester. I’m just not a people person. I hardly say “hi” to people.

The probability is low but I am really looking forward to master being in front of the camera no matter how hard and how long it will take. If not the best at least intermediary level will be okay for now because I’d one day have to reveal the face behind the radical writing through TV shows, interviews and others I don’t want to think about right now to avoid a headache, but when the time is due, I’ll make sure that I’m ready. AB trust that I will, and so I have to.

kiss me slow is still the most talked about poem. Kindky check it out(

Aba Radical

The Photographer of Thoughts

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Dear Gijian Fresher, Here Are Some Things You Need To Know Before Stepping Foot on Campus GIJ

You received a text message informing you that you gained admission to GIJ right? Congratulations, you are almost a ‘Gijian.’ You are one of the over 6,000 applicant who were finally short listed to study at Ghana’s premium communications university.

Since you are new and probably not aware of how things are done at GIJ, here is what you might not want to know but need to know before stepping foot on campus.

Usually, university campuses should be just like our communities but that is not the case for GIJ. Will everything that happens in your neighborhood as you have heard happen in other universities virtually happen on the campus GIJ? Young excited freshmen who have probably highly praised this institution since high school; this is the reality of campus!

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Gari Vibes is back with a bang, more value. Everyone knows that Gari is made from cassava. The truth is that it is highly produced in Africa unfortunately it is Nigeria that greatly provides this crop for the world market not Ghana. Let’s keep calm, at least we have Cocoa.

Thanks to Gari Vibes, gone are now the days when one was considered to be broke whenever Gari was soaked but I must tell you without a doubt that allowing the soaked Gari to rise is poverty.

Why should your Gari rise when so much more Vibes could be added to it for a better taste and at an incredibly affordable price?

Apart from the usual Gari, sugar, milk, and groundnut, Gari Vibes has gone the extra mile and added amazing ingredients such as coconut, nido, biscuit and wait there is more, it comes in Gari regular, Gari vanilla, Gari strawberry and Gari banana. Gari Vibes will teach you the delicious difference between milk and nido, and also vanilla and banana.

Gari soakings just got better with Gari Vibes. Kuwer, Obaa W)!
Last semester all I needed was a spoon and GH¢1 but this semester something great is happening. If not do you think I would be making such hype about this?

Still at the cost of GH¢1 prepare to be amazed and awed by what your tongue would taste. You can enjoy this amazing blend of Gari from Gari Vibes. There is so much more in store for your tummies this time around.

One thing that brings us together as a nation apart from all the other equally great elements of culture is food. That explains why some Ghanaians always visit only when food is ready or why they will fight about anything but agree on food.
It is the only way great women have been able to conquer their love for men through their stomachs. Perhaps the females could conquer their love for their crush this valentine by buying the males a cup of Gari from Gari Vibes.
Females buying for males on Val’s is not strange. We can turn the tables this year. I’m gonna buy for my BF you can join me. However if the guys insist and want to prove that they have become softer than cotton and sweeter than sugar by buying it for us then why not, we [ladies] have become nicer than customer care.

For the crazy food lovers, Gari has got just got the perfect activity for you to spice things up. You can enter into a Gari soaking competition where you would represent your class. For the interested student, each level and class will have a student representing them. All the class has to do is contribute something small to buy the Gari soaking for their constant. The person or should I say class that will win will receive a surprise from the Gari Vibes Crew.

There will be a reloaded edition for regular students during the SRC Week Celebration and another edition for the Weekend School. So you see? No one would be left out this time around. It’s a reloaded one. More content and variety!

T-Shirts will be made readily available for those who would want to rock Gari Vibes in food and in apparels too. They come in assorted colors and sizes at an unbelievably affordable price.

Kempinski hotel received backlashes a few years ago on the bases of their outrageous charges for relatively normal Ghanaian delicacies.

It sounded almost unbelievable when the internet got hold of it menu which revealed that the cost of Gari at the hotel was GHC150.00.

Well, maybe I may not be right completely but the good news is that Gari Vibes gives you more value than your money oh, Wo Mpɛ Wei, Na Wo Pɛ Dien?
Like I said earlier no one is left out this semester even the lectures will have their own king’s bite of Gari Vibes.

It’s happening live at the GIJ FORECOURT on Thursday, 22nd February and Saturday, 24th February, 2018 at 10:00 AM.
My people, they have come back with more contents than before and it is widely said that variety is the spice of life so why do it one way when there are other ways to do it?

Aba Radical will be repping live and colored! I have endorsed it. I was there last semester and I enjoyed every bit of it, from being served to being fed. There was some lit “Jama” performamces accompanied by interesting and hilarious announcement of the wares available on the stand.
Do you know something? I was surprised at the extent to which students went crazy over this. The feedback from various virtual communities was mind blowing with the like of Abraham, Kwabena Ferry, Edna Boakye of Dream Team BAE and including a lecture.
From the judicious scooping of the Gari to the epic sprinkle of the nido to the crispy kissing of the groundnut on the Gari and the crunchy taste of the coconut, never trust a man who says “trust me” when you haven’t said you don’t trust him, but if Aba Radical says “trust me”, a phrase I hardly use then you’ve got to indeed take me up on it.

Not forgetting the unprecedented flex that was employed in eating the Gari by some GIJian ladies. I felt the distin last semester. The feeling was deep all I needed was a spoon. You even get photographs of yourself when you are eating your cup of Gari. It was an amazing experience charle. This year, no dulling oh.
We never know the stuff Kempenski uses, perhaps it comes might come from space but Gari Vibes gives you more value than the money you pay. Feeling no ye deep. Di Nu Style Biaa Bi. I never imagined that Gari soaking could be made to taste this great.
It will definitely be worth traveling on my tongue to tommy town, why don’t you join me; after all it is just GHC1. See, valentine flower costs GHC200.00, Valentine dinner is GHC250.00, Valentine hamper is GHC75.00, champions league is 2gh but Gari Vibes is 1.00 p3.

See previous post on Gari Vibes by Aba Radical last semester including the photographs that were taken.

The choice is yours! Yes it just Gari, but not just any Gari, its Gari Vibes, Di Nu Style Biaa Bi.

E, G, N

Women’s Commission Presents The Mr And Miss Akwaaba Dinner Pageant

Last year, the only activity I was able to enjoy as a fresher and as a part of the Akwaaba Week Celebration was the ‘rep your school day.’ It was quite interesting though most of my expectations were not met. In summary, it was hilarious, crazy in a good way, fun and entertaining. I still have the videos of the ‘jama’ procession I took with my phone on my laptop. It cracks me up anytime I press play.

Unfortunately I was not present during the launch but from the remains of the podium, red carpet and sound equipment I could tell that it was quite okay. I would have been better at photographing my thoughts about it if only I was present at the moment. I loved the way the banners and confetti draped vertically down on campus on Monday launching the Akwaaba Week Celebration of the KumahDinkrah SRC Administration. It was different and mild yet attracting and inviting.

This week has been kind of a difficult and a traumatic one for me so I have not been able to allow myself to enjoy the fun and entertainment on campus but as you can read, AbaIsStillARadicalWriter. I am not an extrovert but I really wanted to attend the Akwaaba Dinner Pageant last year. We were fresher’s and I was looking forward to finally getting rid of the introverted coat but turns out that’s it’s in the blood. I now only attend events not because I want to enjoy or have fun but because I want to write and give those who missed it an opportunity.

This year get ready for something bigger and better. As for the food we will ‘chop,’ the crown the most deserving candidate would have to wear it but all on the same night the Akwaaba Dinner Pageant. This time around we would be expecting the vice president Joshua Agbenu to point out each and every single person who decides to fart. The fourteen contestants will be taking up the challenge of exhibiting the culture of another region they do not come from in about two minutes. They have exhibited their culinary skills on Tuesday during the cooking competition. I’d like to believe that they were up for the challenge but Thursday is the real deal and are they ready?

Sleek legs will be crossed, the tip of the table cloth will tickle the hairs on the thighs of those who will decide to go for the shorts, the wine glass will be filled to the brim, lips will be crossed elegantly, high heels will smoothly and successfully penetrate the gravel ground of the GIJ forecourt and the chairs will be blessed to serve their purpose. White sets of teeth will radiate through the dark guarded by poise lips, eyebrows will be drawn in 3D and it is my hope that faces would be over contoured.

Last year we had the contestant come out and exhibit their talent under the dinner setting where the audience got to dine and watch. It hadn’t happened before. The portrait of the contestants we saw on Instagramhttps pre-monition that this year there is going to be a twist of a cultural feel. It’s not going to be fully cultural, there will be segments and one of the segments will have them perform the culture of another region which they have already selected at random for the contestant to take up a challenge. There would be spoken word, choreography and regional representations by contestants that has been randomly selected, display of talents by contestants, fashion show, the sad but necessary part which is eviction, speeches by finalist, answering to question and then the crowning of winners.

The theme for the pageantry this year is Promoting Tourism Through Communication. An Eastern Region contestant could represent another region. They get to sell the region selected in a few minutes. Thursday, 7pm at the forecourt of GIJ, 20th September is when this show will go down. It is expected to end by 10:00pm but the people like me, ‘abi you know dada, yɛ pɛ a yɛnkɔ o, yɛ pɛ a yɛnkɔ o.’ It is going to be a night of glitz, glamour, laughter and not forgetting the food, ‘yes edziban no ohh’ which is very necessary. Don’t tell me I’m a foodie, I already know…lol

It looks well prepared than last year, the photo shoot, photogenic photo models, runway models, talent, catwalk, social issues, cultural display, cooking competition, grooming and many more. Whose head will fit the crown? Will it be Hasiya, Kingsley, Victoria, Geraldo, Adelaide, Miriam, Belinda, Zineth, Marteena, Lydia, Kwesi, Nazir, Suleman, or the one who has my first name Mercy?

The Women’s Commission is enthusiastic about the Akwaaba Week Celebration which has been calculated to cost to cost 23,500 Ghana Cedis according to EIJ news alert headlines for the week. Guess who is coming for dinner? It is a surprise. Deadline for Akwaaba tickets ends on Wednesday 19th September 12018 at 12pm so hurry if you have not got one.

And when the music plays, hands will lock into each other, move to around the neck and then slowly settle on the waist with a firm and consistent comforting grip. The time of the dance has been stimulated as an atmosphere. We will dance under the light of a thousand stars and then we will sway to the beating of our hearts till it fades with the silence of the night.

All eyes will be fixed on stage when the moment we have all been waiting for arrives. Fingers will be crossed and the ears will pay no attention to further whispers of the night. The current Akwaaba will have to pass of their legacy but to whom will it be passed on to? Vote for your favourite delegate to win via or dial *713*814#.

Aba Radical
The Photographer of Thoughts
Fb: Mercy Aba Blankson
Twitter: @aba radical
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E, G

Full List Of Award Categories For GIJ Eminence Awards 2018


  • Radio presenter of the year
  • Radio show of the year
  • Radio reporter of the year
  • Sports Journalist of the Year
  • Television presenter of the year
  • Author of the Year
  • Blogger of the Year
  • PR Personality of the Year
  • Personality of the Year
  • Event of the Year


  • Media of the Year
  • Model of the Year
  • Outstanding Student in Music
  • Outstanding Student Photographer
  • Make Up Artist of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Outstanding SRC Member (SRC Executives, GA Reps, Class Reps, Judicial Committee)
  • Campus Organization of the Year
  • Hall of the Year
  • Fresher’s Choice Award
  • Initiative of the Year
  • Poet of the Year

NB: There will be three honorary awards for non-GIJ students but the criterion is going to be within the confines of communication. If you know of any student using communication to achieve excellence but not a product of GIJ kindly inform him/her about this great event.

Aba Radical

The Photographer of Thoughts

Fb: Mercy Aba Blankson

Twitter: @aba radical

IG: Aba Radical


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E, G

GIJ EMINENCE Awards 2018 Launched Gracefully

It is my hope that publishing two posts and disseminating them the same day would not be felt as pushing too much information to my audience. I was greeted before the doors of the fully air-conditioned and curtained Lecture Hall B2 by the CEO of RADComm LLC; welcomed by the beautiful face of The Face of GIJ, Khadija Leticia Aikins, and Goodman [Kofi Atiemo] who later gave a wonderful presentation on the 2018 edition of the GIJ Eminence Awards.

It’s was quite surprising to me that with the usual ‘Ghanaman’ time that most Ghanaians live by including my beloved Gijians it were the guest who were late and in some cases not present in person. Though we the ones who were honored to be invited to attend the event were late, the guest were later than we were.

The Master of Ceremonies, Thelma Abena Nyansah an opposite of me judiciously delivered her job though at some points she admitted that Goodman tried to overtake her duties. The evergreen Erica of Radio GIJ offered a short prayer of which I kind of struggled to close my eyes to because I had to photograph my thoughts at the time but equally chorused an “Amen” with the rest as if I did allow my eyeballs to kiss my eyes when it was required of me to do so.

Goodman the Executive Coordinator for RADComm Campus which is organizing this year’s event gave a short presentation on how the event has been planned and what students and even now, non-GIJ students should expect.

The purpose of the awards is to recognize, inspire or encourage and honor. The sponsors are GIJ SRC and NANOTECH which were represented by two gentlemen dressed for the occasion in some sleek executive clothes which made them you know… make me give them the OMG look. The theme is Inspiring Greatness, Celebrating Excellence. Nominations started immediately after the launch of the event today which is September 13. The paid voting starts from 1st October to 4th November 2018 at the cost of 30 pesewas per vote. The main event and the after party will be on the same day, 9th November, 2018. Nominees are expected to present their document as panels would not just look at votes but documents too. For the award process, nomination forms are online. There would be a review by the organization with each category not having more than four nominees.

Honorary Awards would be available for non-GIJ students but in the line of communication. The panel for the final selection of the nominations will be in two levels with the first including Agyenim Boateng, Desmond Lamptey, Tyrphena Yeboah and Mammavi Goh. The second level will consist of Yaw Gyan, Benard Avle, Paulina Kuranchie and Mr. Apaw. The criteria for every category will be made known publicly and will have 22 categories in all unlike what happened last year with 40 nominations. The categories are inclusive of other stuff so though it might look like what you fit into is not specifically available, when you look at it at a broader sense there will definitely be a category for every student who deems excellent.

The categories of nominations will be in two categories. The first being the Expect Choice includes the radio presenter of the year, radio show of the year, radio reporter of the year, sports journalists of the year, TV presenter of the year and the good news is that even if you work in those categories but work outside campus media networks like the guy in my class who works for Cbaze TV are all eligible. There are slots for blogger, author, PR personality, personality and event of the year. Under the Popular Choice Categories, we have media network, outstanding student in music and photography, poet of the year, fresher’s choice awards, hall of the year, outstanding SRC members, campus organizer of the year and a lot more till it marks twenty two.

The event is going to take place at Accra Digital Center which is not far away from Circle, Accra. There have been a lot of changes in this year’s edition but it’s all for the better turn out of events with much emphasis on credibility. There were a few issues bout the credibility of the awards last year where Nana Adu, the chief whip of GIJ General Assembly at the time questioned the credibility of the Eminence Awards but like what Kwasi Nimo Jnr said in his write up “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. Vince Lombardi”…A flawed diamond is worth more than a perfect pebble.”

Richmond Anim Damoah introduced himself as being from NANOTECH which was quite surprising to me because we the audience were all expecting him to use RADComm LLC.

The chief executive technologist of NANOTECH, Oyetunji Abioye explained all the technicalities involved in the process of voting and nomination. He spoke some amazing Nigerian accent I started reminiscing my days back in high school. So it turns out it wasn’t just his looks but his voice. The other guy just sat behind the computer moderating the presentation and smiling.

The voting will be paid for via mobile money upon approval from your mo-mo account. Voting progress is made visible and live for viewers of the website at the nomination filing has been intentionally made in a way to prevent people from nominating the ones they want to nominate. To better your chances of being accepted for nominations, I Aba Radical will personally suggest to you that you let your followers and well-wishers know that you are in the best position to file the nominations due to the kind of information and testimonial that has to portray you as the best. I mean, who knows you than yourself, please don’t matter boyfriend under your breath while reading this post.

The website which I saw for myself is well designed, categorized and simple to follow. A high quality picture should be uploaded as a part of the nomination process because they won’t call you to tell you to send them a picture through any WhatsApp number. One can be nominated only once for a or each category showing why only the aspiring nominee should do the nomination by him/herself hence links on WhatsApp begging for higher nominations to guarantee you the final selection won’t be necessary. It is your profile and how true plus convincing it will be above other contesting aspirants that will guarantee you the slot.

You have to do a quarter of a page essay about what makes you stand out for a category. Naa Adoley Moffat who represented the absent SRC president, Kumah, encouraged everyone to support the awards in any way that they can, nominees should seek rightful means of winning and demanded an applauds when she ended her speech which was full of adorable contagious smiles.

For the first choice category, votes were initially going to be a 70-30 percent against the panel decision but were later changed to 50-50 percent decision because they believe that the award should go to the most deserving and not the most voted for. For the popular categories the voting are going to be 80 votes and 20 social media likes, comments and shares in percentage.

The good news is this year the organizers won’t be doing citations but a plaque and winners should be assured of goodies in addition. Erica elegantly and magestically revealed the plaque and they thanked us for honoring the launch. Great things take time to achieve. So let us all come on board and build the GIJ Eminence Awards into the glorious scheme it can become.

kiss me slow is still the most talked about poem. Kindky check it out(

Aba Radical

The Photographer of Thoughts

Fb: Mercy Aba Blankson

Twitter: @aba radical

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Kofi Annan: What Is So Fascinating About A Dead Body To Ghanaians?

It got to my notice today that most Ghanaian citizens were not happy about the late Kofi Annan’s closed casket file past. I knew of a student photo journalist who had initially wanted to attend the rites but changed his mind when he got the hint that the file past was a closed casket one quite contrary to what Ghanaian friends and sympathizers who claim to be mourners enjoy. The intensity of the reactions of most citizens towards the decision [which according what to my mom said she had heard from Wednesdays news that it was a wish in the deceased’s will] kind of surprised me.

kofi annan image

I was initially surprised when I heard that it had been a closed casket filing past rite because the norm even with deceased leaders of the country overtime was that of an open casket filing past but I did not let it bother me much because I was not a fan of looking at dead bodies anyways. The sight of it gave me nightmares during my childhood days so even as a grownup who is now over that fright, I still do not fancy the act of which Ghanaians claim is a sign of paying their last respect to the dead. I don’t do it ever, not even when my beloved grandparents died barely two years ago, why should i? I have had all my life to show them the respect that every human and family member deserved and so what difference would the one that claimed to do something similar to the lifeless body which cannot be communicated to make?

Kofi Annan with life and fit body served faithfully and tirelessly not just Ghana but the world. One could say that he gave us and the world his all. I just cannot fathom Ghanaians over-reaction over the decision which is what he wished when he was alive. What is so fascinating about watching a dead, lifeless body? Why do Ghanaians love dead bodies than the living? Most of the sirens we hear from the roads seeking a fast passage among us are not the national ambulance service but the numerous private ones carrying dead bodies. I mean what urgency should be there when transporting a dead body; it is dead for crying or mourning out loud!

There are many nice photographs of the reputable Ghanaian and we still prefer his dead body? Oh come on! You have got to be kidding me. Even if you never saw the man physically, that reason is not strong enough an excuse. We have had all those years of his life to enjoy the life he lived on earth serving humanity and not seeing his face on his death box house which was his wish anyway should not cause us to behave or over react how we actually did. What is fascinating about a dead body anyway?

Aba Radical

The Photographer of Thoughts

Fb: Mercy Aba Blankson

Twitter: @aba radical

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Arts and Celebrities, GIJ

Agbenu Anoumou Joshoa

This week on Photography of Thoughts, I spoke to Josh Infiniti to get a scoop of his life. Josh is among one of the most influential and talented students in the Ghana Institute of Journalism and the creative arts industry. He is also the vice president of the Ghana Institute of Journalism SRC.

Aba Radical: Josh Infinity good day and welcome to Photography of thoughts.

Josh: Thank you Aba Radical, I’m pleased to be here.

Aba Radical: What is your full name?

Josh: Agbenu Anoumou Joshua.

Aba Radical: What is your stage name?

Josh: Josh Infiniti.

Aba Radical: Apart from your full name and stage name, what else do others call you?

Josh: Professor!

Aba Radical: Then I guess you must be a “shark” to be called by that, but why the name Josh Infiniti. How did it come about and what does it mean?

Josh: What’s the meaning of Joshua? Salvation…What’s the synonym for Infinity? Endless, So in other words, Endless Salvation. It all because God has done a lot in my life that marvels me.

Aba Radical: What tribe are you?

Josh: I’m a Fante and an Ewe

Aba Radical: What languages do you speak and how well do you speak them?

Josh: I speak English, French, Fante, Ewe and Ga.

Aba Radical: wow, I understand that you do a lot of things let me say in arts. What exactly are they please?

Josh: Spoken word/poetry, Write plays, novels, Act and rap.

Aba Radical: How did all of this start, was it from childhood that the realization was noticed?

Josh: The first play I acted was done when I was moving from primary one to primary two. 2004-2011 saw me participating massively in my church’s kid theatre. I played lead roles in all these plays.

Aba Radical: During the early weeks of GIJ 2017 1st semester, I saw a couple of images of you on some of the Ghanaian television stations. Tv Africa and then Metro TV on KSM’s show. How did that come about?

Josh: During my final year in SHS, I was picked with two others by the school to represent it in a poetry/spoken word event at the National Theatre and the German Embassy. We came out as first in the former and third in the latter. These platforms connected us to great names in the arts industry that they started calling us for programs after school. I didn’t relax! I started building the brand. The game had started. The winner and I now had series of interviews on a few TV stations and radio stations. A show that promoted arts on Pluzz FM later got me on. It was competitions that run for months. I was the only amateur battling with experts on that show. I kept building the audience, rehearsing, burning energy to deliver the best and at the end of it all, I came out second!

Aba Radical: Why did you choose to be diploma students over degree?

Josh: I had actually wanted to offer a degree program but my guardians proposed that I start with the diploma to toughen myself up before I move on to do a top up. After all, they did same in their time. (Laughs) “So it was a family distin”. But I do thank God for everything. He places our feet where they ought to be. Once you commit your plans to Him, be sure to have some of your own plans disposed. That’s not to say that the degree program is not tough but some people do not do a top up after the diploma and it’s only two years so the pressure in there is very serious. So they wanted me to feel that pressure and get two certificates as well (laughs).

Aba Radical: I understand. Now briefly describe how what you do occurred in the JHS and SHS. You attended presec- Presbyterian secondary school, right?

Josh: Yes I did. I was also active in school plays. I loved everything arts. I was a bookworm too and anytime I read a book, I looked for the protagonist and played that role in mind. My theater of imagination was too strong! Anytime I read a book, I wished I was the author. Anytime I watched a movie, I wished I was the protagonist. I wrote my first book somewhere in primary four. I put papers together, stapled them and wrote a story in it. My unending crave for loads of knowledge in books far above my level gave me the nickname Professor in primary and Junior High School. I was an intellectual threat to some of my teachers and equally intelligent mates. I was noted as the best writer in my Junior High School and any mark below excellent in any Composition test was no good. I started rapping in primary six, carried it on to JHS and Senior High School. All this while, I wrote poems too but only a few of my friends and tutors knew.

Aba Radical: Okay, on your free time what do you do?

Josh: I read, take a stroll, and imagine wild!

Aba Radical: Apart from what people know you to do, Is there something else you can do say play an instrument or music etc?

Josh: I can do a little something on the piano.

Aba Radical: Now that’s interesting and it also explains the background piano music in your recorded spoken word pieces. What is your inspiration and how does it help you?

Josh: Capital G, Capital O, Capital D. He’s the one. He grants man the ability, the insight and wisdom to do whatever he wishes to do. The limit God sets for me. These are the gifts God gave to me so I continue to get myself skilled in them. I always deliver my best when the need be.

Aba Radical: From what I see I must say that you are indeed a talented young man with respect to art but why GIJ perhaps you could have gone to NAFTI or something if you know what I mean.

Josh: Hahaha, Communication has always been part of my dreams and I believe GIJ was the best place for anything communication in Africa. That’s why I’m here.

Aba Radical: What kind of music do like, do and listen to?

Josh: One that inspires. If it’s anything music, then trust me, I do anything positive! I can rap in English, Twi and Fante I might choose to blend it with some Ewe and Ga.

Aba Radical: What is your philosophy in life?

Josh: “Wo hu aponkye aa, ma no makye fis3 wonnim daakye”. Greet a ‘goat’ when you see it because you never tomorrow. A musician once said this and it has become something I do say most of the time. It simply means be humble and respectful to everyone because you never know who might help you tomorrow.

Aba Radical: Can you name a few of the people in the art industry you know of?

Josh: Rhyme Sonny, Chief Moomen, Poetra Asantewaa, Uncle Ebo Whyte, Shirley Frimpong Manso

Aba Radical: What do you think of the works of Latif Abubarkar and Uncle Ebo White?

Josh: Talking of Latif and Uncle Ebo, I’d say they are really doing well and putting a great challenge to we the upcoming ones. They get us to understand that any work we bring out there should be very good if not excellent.

Aba Radical: How many plays have you featured in so far?

Josh: A lot and yet to feature in some very popular ones.

Aba Radical: What genre of book do you prefer?

Josh: I read everything but I do love crime and detective stories.

Aba Radical: Where do you see yourelf in the next few years say ten.

Josh: Worldwide

Aba Radical: I must say its being a pleasure speaking to you Josh Infiniti and it is my hope that you strive harder to get to that level God has planned for you. I wish we could continue but this is what time will allow us. Thank you so much for spending time with me on Photography of Thoughts and I shall make it another day.

Josh: You are very welcome. My doors are always open. Thanks for having me also. I’m grateful.


I hope you enjoyed the interview with josh a much a I did. To learn more about Josh Infinity, Contact him on :0544373025 / 0573141709


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Dear Gijian Fresher, Here Are Some List of Items You Might Need For School

You received a text message informing you that you gained admission to GIJ right? Congratulations, you are almost a ‘Gijian.’ You are one of the over 6,000 applicant who were finally short listed to study at Ghana’s premium communications university.

Since you are new and probably not aware of how things are done at GIJ, here is what you might not want to know but need to know before stepping foot on campus. Click link to read.

Young excited freshmen who have probably highly praised this institution since high school; this is the List of items you might need for school.

You don’t have to bring all of them, just come along with what you will need out of them.

  1. Important documents.

Admission letter

All your student finance documents and receipts.

You don’t need a hall of resident document at GIJ because we don’t have one, course acceptance letter.

Bank details and bank card

Passport photos

Exam certificates for applying for scholarship and loans.

  1. Toiletries

Bathing soap



Shaving stick


Hair brush

Sanitary pad

Toilet tissue

Tooth brush

Toothbrush holder

Nail scissors

Alarm clock

Pins or blue tac

Playing cards


Air refresher


Toilet brush

Toilet cleaners

Scrubbing brush




  1. Laundries


Drying rope



Clothe horse


  1. Clothing;



Casual wears






Long and short sleeves shirt





Old school uniforms


Formal wear


Flip flops



Swim wear

Comfortable clothes-loungewear

School bag and stationaries

  1. Technology

Phone charger

Extension boards

Pen drive

Power banks



Video games

Smart phone

Ear plugs

Head phones

Laptop, charger and case.

  1. Medical

Small first aid box.

Don’t come with contraceptives; close your legs and study.

  1. Bedroom items

Bed sheets

Duvet cover

Cover cloth

Pillow cases

Mattress protector

Door stop


Sewing kit


  1. Kitchen items

Electric burner

Table top fridge





Plates (I would not actually consider this, in high school Afriyie and I always went for tea with our bowls and went for a second round of every dish…I can’t do that with a plate.)


Frying pan

Baking tray




Disposable bowls and cups,


Dish sponge

Vegetable peeler

Tin opener

Bottle opener with a corkscrew

Hot water bottle

There you are! I hope this list is helpful. Contain your excitement, know who you are, be yourself, be content with what you have, know your class and focus on your goals. I wish you a fruitful stay at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

References, GIJ: if you’re a fresher, here are the lists of things you need for the semester, Alphonse Dalali Kpatakpa, 20th July2018, items freshmen should bring to school this September. Isaac Aboah, 13:59, 01.08.2017, #DearFresher: here are seven things you need to know before joining campus, 6th August, 2017.

kiss me slow is still the most talked about poem. Kindky check it out(

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The little things that you do

Poetry is a judiciously crafted way of love expression
I wrote this poem to say thank you in a way that a handshake or gift never can
This is a sincere manifestation of my affection
To the most amazing vine yard veteran
Whom by listening to the call of God, loved us without any petition

Many times he has said it here and I can recall
That when he heard the Almighty God’s call
He came to us preaching boldly like the Apostle Paul
From morning till night fall
Through the dry season and rain fall.
To every man from the servant to protocol
The job was not easy but with every problem that he faced, he looked at directly in the eye ball
With all our flaws he faithfully did the overhaul
And stuck with us through our rise and fall
And will continue to do so till that day when we unite with our make in the Banquet hall.

It’s been several years of service to God and mankind
We share these long suffering years of goodness, oh God has been kind!
His ingenuity and humility, ask his wife
It’s so undefined
And just in case you have forgotten let me remind
You that this edifice we see today, he was the master mind
That is why I want to celebrate him, I want to celebrate his life
May be you don’t want to, but me I don’t mind!

It’s the little things that they do
That makes me love them more
Their burden is indeed heavy
But they still serve gently
Even when the snake appeared in their room
And wanted to show them who is who
Even when we forget to say thank you
The research they invest in their sermon ask Google and yahoo
This one ‘dier’ just to mention a few
When they say bad things against him, it’s so untrue
Don’t stand somewhere and gossip get closer and enjoy the view
They have lied to you about him, it is God not juju
Your mind you should renew
His anointing is definitely richer than Cabbage stew
Bishop and Mamaga, may God bless you

It’s the little things that they do
That makes me love them more
I love you more than yesterday
But not more than I will tomorrow,
Others are diluting the word though
Selling powder, oil, holy water and even rainbow
Claiming to be angels long-ago
But he is sticking to the status quo
Because it is only a true man of God who will sow
In God’s Word so that we will grow
And be able to do the devil some over throw.

Every day with you is a wonderful
Addition to my life’s journey
Your enduring love is sweeter than honey
How can I thank you
Little things like the precious smile
That radiate into us even from a mile
Warm handshake that sends shivers down our spine,
Words of concern that solves problem before it is shared
They can see right through us,
The way they listen to us is priceless
Even being with Mamaga is like having your emotional batteries recharged with joy.

This is my literary hug
It’s the little things that you do
That makes me love you more
If only you knew how much those little moments with you matter to me
i love you sincerely and completely with no reservations in a way that is ecstatically wonderful
Although the founder’s day comes a year
My love for you comes everyday
Thank you, both of you, for another year of faithful ministry.

NB: ‘dier’ – as for this


…Inspired by Bishop and Rev. Mrs. Selly…

kiss me slow is still the most talked about poem. Kindky check it out(

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We write every now and then
But if the subject happens to be a nice specimen
Someone whom you yen
To become, then
I’d better get my fountain pen.
This man that I speak of, when
He pronounces blessings
All you need is your Amen

What words could I probably say
On this special Monday
But since it’s his birthday
I better make it better than an exposé
So that, that way
His friends in Manchester, New York and Broadway
Would hear this befitting word play
Through my poetic x ray
To reveal his genuine humility of a DNA

In his ministry, he is a bold servant
Of the Abrahamic covenant
Working greatly to keep His word Relevant
In the lives of many earth inhabitant.
With being as mightily blessed as the elephant
I’m even surprised he is not arrogant
He is getting older but still youthfully exuberant
He has the kindest heart
Which sometimes makes me wish that
I could borrow his through a transplant
It doesn’t matter who you are he is extremely tolerant
A true confidant
Who is firmly vigilant
At being spiritually combatant
Financially working towards the kingdom of God like a militant

To my dear Bishop
The kingdom minded man
Who is full of the word
Preaching it with authority and passion
And a great general of our time
Whom I truly love
I pray that from heavens workshop
Shall you receive from above
Blessings that will hunt you even in the barbers shop
Grace and peace be multiplied to you as you mark this glamorous celebration
I pray for the great miracle for you to be a Methuselah who will still look young and healthy.

As for me
It’s the little things he does that make me love him more
Like when he seeks for your well fare even of you don’t have a degree
Of when Just smile at you
Or when he remember you in prayer before he retires to bed
Or when he calls to check up on a member
Or blows you a holy kiss
Or a warm hag
And not forgetting the firm handshake

Born of a man to be a blessing to many
Is this special head of the
Selly family who is the most genuine and most
Humble of a human being you could ever meet.
Open minded with a great heart
Poised for the work of God through fire or rain

Psalmist of the maker even in the thickest of storm
Amazingly young at heart
Significantly making a kingdom impact
Irresistibly attracted to many due to his meekness
Vigilant with the word of God
A man of true faith
Living a life worthy of emulation

Faithfully serving God and man
A truthful man of integrity and excellence
Father of many children spiritually
Astounding man of uprightness
Loved by many
Immanent worker in God’s vine yard
Epitome or real love brewed from the love of God

Sentimental lover of a father to many uncountable ones like us
Elevator of the kingdom business
Life well lived so far
Life that is an inspiration to many
Yee shall live to the fullness of His glory.


…Inspired by Bishop Pasival Fafalie Selly…

Aba Radical
The Photographer of Thoughts
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