The Role Of YMCA In Societal Change Through Film Making.

During Tuesday's film training workshop (third edition) dubbed "Tell a story: how to use film as a medium to achieve social change in society", other aspiring young filmmakers and I were given in depth knowledge about the art. The training was punctuated with series of tests, assignments and practical exercises on camera settings, shot sizes and angles, telling stories with images, character development, movie elements and story writing. The training also passed a glimpse on media for peace, great films and filmmakers we can learn from. It was an amazing and eye opening experience. Thank you YMCA Ghana, Peace Be Unto Us All. #YMCA, #YMCA Ghana, #YMCA Africa, #Welcome, #AllOnBoard, #WELTFILM.org, #CVJM-Westbund, #ymcafamily

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Radical Blogging is one year old today!

Today is 14th October, 2018, meaning that though Photography of thoughts is way older Radical Blogging is one year old today, hallelujah! It’s been one year of doing something I never dreamed of doing and being successful at, isn’t God amazing? On October 14, 2017 I posted my first blog post on WordPress. It was… Continue reading Radical Blogging is one year old today!

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Dear Gijian Fresher, Here Are Some Things You Need To Know Before Stepping Foot on Campus GIJ

I have wanted to write this article since I stepped foot to GIJ and the realities began to unfold. I almost always had the ‘if I had known face’ that was covered with the mask of a smile. I write this as truthfully as recollection permits. You received a text message informing you that you gained admission to GIJ right? Congratulations, you are almost a ‘Gijian.’ You are one of the over 6,000 applicant who were finally short listed to study at Ghana’s premium university. Since you are new and probably not aware of how things are done at GIJ, here is what you might not want to know but need to know before stepping foot on campus. Contain your excitement, know who you are, be yourself, be content with what you have, know your class and focus on your goals. If you read this and still do not survive at GIJ then the person doing you is wearing some tight sneakers.I made reference to my diary to make up for my fading memories of GIJ. Aba Radical The Photographer of Thoughts Fb: Mercy Aba Blankson Twitter: @aba radical IG: Aba Radical +233249953609 Comment, like and share #AbaIssaRadicalWriter

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How Tall Is #ThatTallGuy?

Dear Papa Kwasi, I’m sorry I forgot The date of today Because of the difficulty in keeping numbers in my thoughts But once I remembered this beloved day of May i quickly looked for a pen which I got And began to poetically release rhymes of gay I began to jot About your height of… Continue reading How Tall Is #ThatTallGuy?

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Meet Student Who Does Astonishing Photography With Just A Phone!

MEET STUDENT WHO DOES ASTONISHING PHOTOGRAPHY WITH JUST A PHONE His name is Emmanuel Frimpong Oduro, a level 300 Architecture student of central university who has an undying love for photography. According to reliable sources from some students of Central University, they just can’t get enough of him. What amazes me is that Frizzle as he is affectionately called does not own a professional camera yet but all the amazing photos he's taken so far and continues to take have been by his Techno W3 which has a 5mp back camera. *😊Aba Radical😎* *📽The Photographer of Thoughts🤔* FB: *Mercy Aba Blankson* Twitter: *@aba radical* 📞: *+233249953609* *Comment, Like and Share* *#AbaIssaRadicalWriter✍🏾*

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Gari Vibes Is Back With A Bang…More Value.

This week on *Photography of Thoughts* We might never know the stuff *kempinski hotel* uses for its gari, perhaps it might come from space but *Gari Vibes* gives you more value than the money you pay. *Feeling no ye deep. Di no style biaa bi.* I never imagined that Gari soaking could be made to taste this great. It will definitely be worth traveling on my *tongue to tommy town,* why don’t you join me; after all it is just GHC1. See, valentine flower costs GHC200.00, Valentine dinner is GHC250.00, Valentine hamper is GHC75.00, champions league is 2gh but , *Gari Vibes is 1.00 pɛ* . The choice is yours! *Yes it just Gari, but not just any Gari, its Gari Vibes di no style biaa bi!* *😊Aba Radical😎* *📽The Photographer of Thoughts🤔* FB: *Mercy Aba Blankson* Twitter: *@aba radical* 📞: *+233249953609* *Comment, Like and Share* *#AbaIssaRadicalWriter✍🏾*

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Ebony Reigns Rip Return If Possible

Glory turned gory. It’s sad but that is the truth of the story. Oral research and evaluation directors’ a.k.a “ *kokonsa* ” accompanied by *any irresponsible person with data* a.k.a “honam pe job” at their insensitive best will share the images of her remains like a mother shares rice porridge to her kids every morning. “ *Nkwan kyen journalists* ” Misquoting and concluding for prophetess based on the recent developments. *Blogging tricksters* also joined in. They will *repeat the same level of unprofessionalism* . Wait for the funeral and see these so called *photo journalists* take pleasure in taking images of when sympathizers morn till they have a panic attach. All of a sudden *manipulators of the spiritual realms* become popular with their names withheld but the day they will actually prevent someone from dying maybe just then we will consider listening to them. Why should her father even have something to say, after all some *Ghanaians are just hypocrites?* Value every second of life when you breathe because *life is a gift that has an expiry date* . My RIP to Ebony is not the one that says REST IN PEACE. It the one that means RETURN IF POSSIBLE and if it is GOD’s will. *😊Aba Radical😎* *📽The Photographer of Thoughts🤔* FB: *Mercy Aba Blankson* Twitter: *@aba radical* 📞: *+233249953609* *, Like and Share* *#AbaIssaRadicalWriter✍🏾*

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Meet The Brain Behind Akpasa Media And Student’s Television Network…Abraham Dzebetey Tetteh

*And we are live in 5, 4, 3, 2, go… Dear Gijians,* I have good news for you. *Photographing my thoughts* on a personal level has put me in so much trouble amidst allegations like me *crushing over Kwabena Ferry and taking bribes from political candidates which are all not true* but still *no shaking. What can come will come and can come!* As for this one *“I was not sitting my somewhere”* I went for it. Per my analysis he is the richest guy on campus; *Abraham Dzablatey Tettey* also called by many as *AB* and by *Kabu Nartey* as the *Jack Ma* during their time is the *Chief Executive Officer of Akpasa Media and STN Television Network.* Join me right now as we uncover the untold stories about AB, where does he get his funding, what he has achieved so far, what he has sacrificed, the meaning of Apkasa, what more he has in store for us and wait did you know that he is planning on *creating exchange programs for students to abroad during the long vacation,* there is so much you do not know. Join me let's discover and be wowed. Boi, nothing can stop them now, *they make good things happen. Its an Akpasa thing.* *😊Aba Radical😎* *📽The Photographer of Thoughts🤔* FB: *Mercy Aba Blankson* Twitter: *@aba radical* 📞: *+233249953609* *, Like and Share* *#AbaIssaRadicalWriter✍🏾*



*RADICAL SPORTS!* ⚽🎾🥅 Did you know that a Ghanaian decent 17 year old Ethan Kwame Ampadu plays for Chelsea FC. He broke an over 10 year old record for being the youngest player in the club. Now who is his father... Is he the renowned Ghanaian musician Nana Ampadu? Did you know that he broke another 87 year old record? Read to find out more may be you could play better than him! *Aba Radical...the photographer of thoughts💁🏾* +233249953609

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Shocking! How Wilberforce Cheated On Me, Payback Time?

Before I got busy fixing things on the computer screen I had to turn on the fan because I was sweating meagrely from preparing a medium sized caldron ‘Banku’ and grinding hot pepper in the earthenware at a super speed. Yes, super speed because I was in hurry to start writing this piece. I mean… Continue reading Shocking! How Wilberforce Cheated On Me, Payback Time?

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If Nkrumah Had Tweeted

    Do not aim at waking me up when it is all over or when I am wiser and older because I have already started practicing it by default. I wake up at 4:00 a.m. every weekday. More than fifty per cent of the time I end up sitting at the noisy male dominated… Continue reading If Nkrumah Had Tweeted


Ghana YMCA Designs Conference Aimed At Establishing A Media Hub Education Center

Ghana Young Men Christian Association [YMCA Ghana] has designed an upcoming conference to initiate stakeholder discussions aimed at establishing a Media Hub Education Center [MHEC] in Ghana. Plans to establish the MHEC stems from the achievement of the ‘All On Board’ film project, a joint initiative of Weltfilme.org and YMCA Ghana. The project which began in March last year has so far trained over 80 young aspiring filmmakers in Audiovisual and Visual Media Production.


YMCA Ghana Climaxes Film Making Training for Females

The Ghana Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) on Thursday brought to an end a training session on filmmaking whose objective was to encourage more females to venture into the filmmaking industry in Ghana. The two-day training programme which commenced on Tuesday 21st was the forth session held in 2019 and a continuation of a project dubbed, “All On Board” project which started last year.